What We Offer

At Avitas, we’re not just in the business of growing wealth. We’re in the business of growing relationships. You can count on us to stand by your side and offer solutions for every stage of your life.


Clear answers to big questions. How much do you have? How long will it last? Are your goals realistic? What changes do you need to make to achieve them? We’ll give you a complete picture of your financial situation—developed through an approach called Total Wealth Organization—delivered in a concise, actionable document intended to let you worry less and start making decisions with confidence.


Hands-on money management. You can feel confident that every investment decision is made by individuals you personally know and trust, and who invest side-by-side with you in their own recommendations. Based on the needs of our clients, we utilize varying asset management styles in the creation of individual portfolios. The core of these are primarily made up of individual stocks and bonds, with a limited number of outside mutual funds and ETFs. Since the inception date of our first portfolio in 1995, we worked to build a highly tax efficient portfolio management system, with an emphasis on risk/return analysis and a disciplined approach to rebalancing to maximize return.


Total Wealth Organization is included in your Wealth Management fee. Our custom-tailored service allows you to see your comprehensive financial picture at a single sign on, providing a secure, integrated view of all financial, real estate, insurance, and related assets. Moreover, all important documents and medical and professional contacts can be accessed by you and your authorized family members. No more wondering “what if anything were to happen to us, how would the kids figure out who to contact?”


Personalized planning. Whatever your unique vision of retirement—from relaxation to starting a new venture—you can turn to us for help setting realistic goals, optimizing every savings vehicle and managing your transition to retirement.


Easier access to liquidity. At Avitas, we provide access custom-tailored private banking solutions that can help you smooth your cash flow, monetize illiquid assets and seize new opportunities without the need to sell assets. These tools enable our clients to utilize their wealth in new ways, without unnecessary costly transactions that have a greater impact on their bottom line.


Smart solutions for business owners. Our holistic approach is built to meet the unique needs of the people we serve. And Avitas understands the distinct challenges faced by business owners – we provide support and expert advice to help manage concentrated exposure, insider stock transactions, and family relationships and succession issues.