Advisors, Money Managers, Organizers

You want an advisor who sees the world through the same lens you do. One who earns your trust, and is just as committed to your success as you are. An advisor who will guide you and your family through every financial decision, standing by your side for a lifetime.

That’s the kind of advisor Avitas is built to be. Your advisor for life.

Your Advisor Should be Closely Intertwined with your life.

We believe a relationship with Avitas will look and feel very different from the typical financial advisor relationship you may have experienced in the past. Often, advice can be motivated more by commissions than by your best interests. You may have felt frustrated being unable to speak personally with the people who managed your money. Your broker was more of an intermediary than an asset manager. Or you may have found yourself listening to sales pitches about exotic strategies, proprietary products, or hundred-page financial plans—when all you really wanted to talk about was your goals and getting your financial life organized.

We start by pruning away all the distractions.

For more than twenty years, the founders of Avitas have followed one simple idea: If we want to get closer to our clients, we have to prune away everything that comes between us.

This means we are not driven by sales commissions, hidden incentives, intermediaries or outside money managers. Instead, we manage your money ourselves We manage portfolios with varying asset management styles, based on the needs of our clients. The core of these are primarily made up of individual stocks and bonds, with a limited number of outside mutual funds and ETFs. with a straightforward, fully disclosed With Avitas what you pay is a competitive, fully disclosed, and straightforward Wealth Management Fee. There is no confusion or mystery about costs. Fees are not buried inside other products. You will always be informed of what you pay and how much we earn. Wealth Management Fee. We place no barriers between our clients, and people who manage the portfolios. We have worked to build a highly tax-efficient portfolio management system with an emphasis on risk/return analysis and a disciplined approach to rebalancing to maximize return.

And our interests are aligned with yours, as we invest our own wealth in the very same portfolios, right alongside you.


Our goal is to take away all the distractions, then add back the one thing you really want: Your own wealth— totally organized See your comprehensive financial picture through AWM’s custom-tailored service “Total Wealth Organization.” Learn More. . All your finances explained, made sense of, understood, so you can finally worry less about your money, and start living with financial confidence and greater peace of mind.

If that’s the experience you are looking for with an advisor, then Avitas may be the advisor for you.